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Get Your Front Porch Ready For Fall

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As the dog days of summer begin to dwindle, your thoughts may be turning to apple-picking, jack o'lanterns, colorful foliage and anything that tastes or smells like pumpkin spice. By switching up the decor on your front porch, you can welcome your friends and family in a seasonally appropriate way, while simultaneously celebrating the cool, crisp days of autumn. Follow some of these ideas for getting your porch ready for fall.

Tidy Up

Over the summer, you might have had some creepy-crawlies move into your front porch. Step outside and look up; if you see cobwebs or wasps' nests, it's time for them to go. Use your hose or rent a power-washer to get all of the grime and gunk of summer off of your porch. Use a rag to get all of the fingerprints off of the front door, and give the floor a good sweeping. Have the kids put away their sidewalk chalk, roller blades and other summertime paraphernalia, too. Make a checklist to ensure you cover all your bases. 

Choose a Theme

If you really want to get into the spirit of the season, it can be fun to choose a theme. Choose something that can be updated each month or each season; this way, you'll always feel as though your front porch is welcoming you home with something new and attractive! A few ideas for front porch themes in the fall include:

  • Pumpkins and Gourds: These are typically available at grocery stores or farm stand. Stand orange and white pumpkins up on the edge of the steps, or fill a basket or metal bucket with smaller pumpkins and colorful gourds. Add some colorful corn and perhaps some dried corn husks to the decorations as well.
  • Halloween: It's the season for goblins and ghouls, and you can have a great time decorating for All Hallow's Eve, better known as Halloween. You have a lot of choices here; choose a whimsical witch, some adorable ghosts or a super scary zombie prop. Add some faux cobwebs -- or better yet, postpone your cleaning and leave up the real deal!
  • Flowers: Looking for something traditional yet interesting? Fill outdoor flower planters with the flora of fall. Depending on your area, pick up some mums, goldenrods or daisy-like asters and place large containers of them on your porch. Don't be afraid to incorporate some gorgeous fall leaves into your decor, too. Use rustic, unique flower pots shaped like wooden barrels or an old rickety child's wagon for added appeal.

Appeal to All the Senses

While it's common to focus only on the visual when it comes to decorating the front porch, it's important to keep the other senses in mind, too. If you have seating on your porch, put a few warm, cuddly throws and some indoor/outdoor pillows on the bench, chair or swing. It can be nice to relax outdoors during the fall, but the temperature can get chilly quickly, particularly during the later afternoon.

Also, include a table where you can carry out a tray of piping hot apple cider, tea or hot cocoa. One of the finest pleasures of the fall is sitting on the front porch, sipping a warm drink while admiring the fall foliage. Bake up a loaf of banana bread or a batch of gingersnaps, and be prepared to share your outdoor living area with neighbors who will follow their noses to your house.

Keeping your porch decorated for the seasons is a wonderful way to show everyone who passes by that you are embracing the return to the cooler days of fall. Autumn is a time for welcoming others and enjoying simple pleasures around the house, and starting with your front entryway is a great way to make a good first impression.