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Designing Your Dream Four-Season Sunroom: Tips And Ideas For Creating A Versatile Space

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If you’re like many people who live in an area that’s characterized by four distinct seasons, you may long for sunlight during the often long, gray winters. A four-season sunroom may be an ideal solution to bringing some sunlight into your life, offering a warm, inviting retreat where you can relax, entertain, or pursue your hobbies, no matter what the weather outside is doing.  Here’s what you need to know about designing your dream four-season sunroom as well as tips and ideas to help you create a space that complements your lifestyle. Read More»

Three Citrus-Inspired Interior Paint Colors

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Bright-colored paint can add an upbeat look to many different areas of your home. While you might want one or more muted colors on most of the walls, choosing a bright color for an accent wall or perhaps even each wall of a small room can create a lively feel. When you’re checking out different paint colors in advance of having a local interior painting professional get to work on your home, you might want to spend some time assessing the many citrus-inspired hues that are available. Read More»

Three Reasons To Choose Rainforest Granite For Your Home

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When you’re going to replace the countertop in your kitchen and have decided that you want granite, you’ll enjoy the process of checking out the many different products that are available. This natural stone product comes in several colors, allowing you to pick a hue that will work well in this part of your home. As you shop, you’ll occasionally see samples of rainforest granite. This unique product gets its name from its appearance, which has lines running through it that look somewhat like tree branches. Read More»