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Three Reasons To Choose Rainforest Granite For Your Home

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When you're going to replace the countertop in your kitchen and have decided that you want granite, you'll enjoy the process of checking out the many different products that are available. This natural stone product comes in several colors, allowing you to pick a hue that will work well in this part of your home. As you shop, you'll occasionally see samples of rainforest granite. This unique product gets its name from its appearance, which has lines running through it that look somewhat like tree branches. Here are three reasons to choose rainforest granite.

Two Colors

One of the first things that you'll notice when you look at rainforest granite is that it has two prominent colors — the background color and the color that is present in the many lines throughout the stone. A lot of people like the two-color look of rainforest granite because it ties in well in their kitchen. For example, if you have brown hardwood flooring and green curtains over the windows, a slab of rainforest granite that features brown and green will be a perfect visual fit. Many types of granite mainly feature just one color, but the two distinctly different colors in rainforest granite may appeal to you.

Vibrant Appearance

If you're the type of person who wants your granite countertop to add a lively look to your kitchen, you'll likely want to strongly consider going with rainforest granite. This is one of the most vibrant types of granite on the market, and while some slabs have more of a vibrant look than others, they all share the common trait of being visually interesting. Some people may favor choosing neutral elements throughout the rest of their kitchen so that their new countertop is the focal point.

Unique Look

There's a good chance that you've seen granite countertops in the homes of many of your family members and friends, but it's highly probable that you haven't encountered a slab of rainforest granite in anyone's residence. This high-end product is rare compared to other styles of granite, which can be exciting if you're the type of person who loves getting things for your home that others in your circle of friends don't have. You'll likely be excited to have friends over for a meal after your new kitchen renovation is complete so that they can check out your stylish new countertop. 

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