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Three Citrus-Inspired Interior Paint Colors

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Bright-colored paint can add an upbeat look to many different areas of your home. While you might want one or more muted colors on most of the walls, choosing a bright color for an accent wall or perhaps even each wall of a small room can create a lively feel. When you're checking out different paint colors in advance of having a local interior painting professional get to work on your home, you might want to spend some time assessing the many citrus-inspired hues that are available. Here are three citrus paints that can work well in your home.


If you like shades of orange, you might wish to explore some tangerine paint. Its exact shade can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, with some tangerine paints being bold and dark and others being a little lighter. This color of paint adds a sunset-like vibe to your walls and can be appealing in one or more areas. For a vibrant home office, consider using tangerine paint on one accent wall. If you have a man cave in which you cheer for a sports team that wears tangerine-colored jerseys, this color of paint can be a fun choice for the walls.


Another citrus-inspired paint color that may interest you is grapefruit. This paint color is fairly complex. It's pinkish in color, but it also often has subtle orange hues that can give it a rich look. There's an inherently cheery look to your grapefruit-colored paint. Some people may want this color in a breakfast nook, as its cheerful nature can be a welcome sight when the family comes down to breakfast in the morning. Alternatively, you might like to use it as an accent wall color in a craft room.


If you want a citrus-inspired paint color that is on the lighter side, lemon-colored paint can be an idea to consider. This color of paint can vary between manufacturers, but it's a light yellow that adds brightness to any area of your home. You might wish to consider this color of paint in an area that doesn't get a lot of natural light. A powder room without a window, for example, can be a good candidate for lemon paint. The white fixtures in this space will work well with the yellow and offer a stylish look. Think about these citrus-inspired paint colors and then reach out to a local painting contractor.

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