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Mason Jar Madness: 2 Unique Ways To Upcycle Mason Jars

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From wedding décor to organizing craft supplies, the Mason jar has become a popular DIY trend. While there are currently millions of uses for these jars online, it is important to understand how and when mason jars first came into the world. Patented in 1858, John Landis Mason designed these lidded jars to preserve various foods for safe and fresh storage. Thankfully, food preservation still occurs in these glass jars. However, more people are choosing to create unique items out of these classic jars. If you want to join the Mason jar madness, consider these unique upcycles for your home and garden.

Let There Be Light

Mason jars are now a popular trend in lighting for your home. With a bit of knowledge and the help of an experienced electrician, you can make this Mason jar light fixture. Complete the following steps:

  1. Purchase a pendant light hit from your local home improvement or electrical supply store. These kits include the electrical wire, bulb socket, and wall plate to cover the electrical hole in your ceiling.
  2. Ensure the kit requires no more than 60 watts. This is a sufficient and safe amount of light for a mason jar-sized light.
  3. Clean your mason jar using a solution of warm water and liquid dish soap. Be sure it is dry before moving on to the next step.
  4. Place the Mason jar on your worktable and hold in place with a clamp so it does not move.
  5. Mark the lid of your jar by holding the socket on the lid and drawing a circle around it with a marker.
  6. Use your drill and an arbor bit to cut out the hole on the Mason jar's lid. To ensure the socket fits snug, drill the hold just a bit smaller than the circle. Remove the circular shape of the lid.
  7. Push the socket into the hole. Be sure the cord is above the lid and the bulb will be under the lid.
  8. Screw your 60-watt bulb into the socket.
  9. Place the lid on your jar. For a secure fit, screw the lid on tightly.

Once the pendant is complete, utilize your electrician to install the fixture directly to your ceiling's electrical source. Lighting caused 9 percent of electrocution deaths and 28 percent of fires in homes, so utilizing a professional, like those at, for installation is imperative for your safety.

With a bit of creativity, you can design different versions of the Mason jar pendant light. From chandeliers to patio lights, upcycling jars into light fixtures adds charm to any home.

How Does Your Garden Grow

If you enjoy gardening, but want a miniature version indoors, this vertical herb garden is a great option for your home. To get started, you will need multiple jars, bracket clamps, and a few pieces of wood.

After deciding on the overall look of your herb garden, use your drill to screw bracket clamps directly to the boards. Each clamp will hold one Mason jar.  Fill each jar with soil and one of your favorite herbs. Once full, place the jars into the clamps and tighten the screws to hold in place. Opt for popular herbs such as basil, oregano, and dill. 

Once you fill each jar, hang the wood board in your kitchen or on your porch. Your vertical garden will be heavy, so use anchors and proper screws to install on your wall.

The mason jars add a rustic look to your home while the herbs provide flavorful ingredients for cooking.

Upcycling Mason jars gives you the means of joining the madness. Using these unique ideas, you can reduce waste while creating light fixtures and an herb garden for your home.