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3 Uncommon & Unforgettable Gifts For Aging Parents

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Grown children may come in all sizes and shapes, but many still have one thing in common – difficulty in deciding what to give their parents for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Trendy clothes and geeky gadgets rarely seem appropriate, especially when looking for something parents can enjoy together. Do not despair, however, because giving parents a wonderful gift they will want to enjoy often and cherish together is a goal that can be accomplished. Keep reading for three great gift ideas that will make your parents feel special every day!

A Gift for Parents Who Garden

If your parents love to garden, a backyard greenhouse can be a huge win on the gift front. Not only will they get to exercise their green thumbs, but they will also get to enjoy the health benefits of fresh, flavorful produce. While backyard greenhouses can be built to fit even the most prolific gardening enthusiast, much smaller scale options are also available.

Parents who live in condominiums or apartments can grow plenty of herbs and greens in a small space with a vertical garden. Sometimes called a living wall, vertical gardens can be grown for both culinary and decorative benefits, and they work well with either natural light or an artificial light specially designed for botanical use.  

Helpful Tip: Make sure to check with the local planning and zoning or housing authority to obtain any necessary licenses, permits or inspections before purchasing or installing a backyard greenhouse in the backyard or a vertical garden inside the home.

A Gift for Deep-Thinking Parents

If your parents are more the type to enjoy a quiet evening contemplating the stars than weeding a garden on a hot afternoon, a small two-person hot tub or spa might be just the gift they would really love to get.

In addition to providing them with a great way to relax, spending some time each day in the warm, moist heat of a hot tub can have health benefits, as well. In fact, hot tub use is now part of the recommended therapy for people who suffer from arthritis and other painful conditions that target joints, bones and muscles.

Helpful Tip: If either parent suffers from any type of nerve damage that could result in accidental burns when using any type of moist heat, it is wise to consult with their medical professionals prior to installing a hot tub or spa in their home.

A Gift for Socially Active Parents

If your parents' home is the one where neighbors gather for coffee each morning and friends and family stop by all through the day, then the perfect gift is one that will keep them comfortable while entertaining, rain or shine. These socially active parents will surely enjoy the thoughtful gift of an attractive, well-constructed patio cover that will keep them shaded during the heat of the day, and shielded from a sudden summer rainstorm.

Not only does the shade provided by the patio cover allow them to be more comfortable while entertaining on the patio, it can also help your parents lead a healthier lifestyle. As people age, their skin becomes thinner and their immune systems become weaker, making them more susceptible to damage from the sun. In addition, many older people take medications that cause them to burn more easily if exposed to strong sunshine, making a shaded seating area a medical necessity, as well as a relaxing retreat.

Helpful Tip: Elderly parents, or those with mobility issues, may be more comfortable with a patio cover that extends and retracts automatically with the touch of a switch or button. Consulting with a patio cover supplier, such as Apollo Opening Roof, is a good way to find the cover that will best suit your parent physical capabilities.