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5 Reasons To Install Carpet Tile In Your Business

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As you're coming close to completion on your new building for your company, you may be faced with the big decision about the type of floor you would like to install in it. The flooring in your business will not only say a lot about your company, but it will also be something you must clean and maintain. With all the available options, you may want to consider choosing carpet tile, and there are several reasons this may be the best option for your new building.


When you compare the looks of commercial vinyl to carpeting, the carpeting will almost always look better. While there are other types of hard-surfaced floors to choose from, vinyl is one of the most common for businesses. It is affordable, easy to clean, and durable, but it does not offer the comfortable, home-like feel like carpet does.

Carpet tile is not exactly the same as carpet, but it is extremely similar. After it is installed, it will look just like traditional rolled carpeting.

Noise Insulation

If your new building has more than one floor, you may want to consider carpet tile for noise insulation. Buildings with hard-surfaced floors may have a problem with noise control, even if they have only one floor.

When women walk across the floors with high-heeled shoes, it can be noisy. When people are upstairs walking on hard surfaces, you may be able to hear them walking when you are on the floor below.

With carpet, this is not a problem. Carpet absorbs the sounds of people walking, but it also absorbs other sounds too. Your building will have less of an echo effect with carpeting versus hard floors.

Easy Maintenance

Another factor that you should consider is cleaning the floors. When you have vinyl or any type of hard flooring material, you will most likely have to sweep it with a broom, and you will also need to mop it.

From time to time, you may also need to hire a professional floor cleaning company to wax the floor or scrub it. Without the proper daily cleanings and routine deep cleanings, your floor will begin to look dirty and bad over time.

Carpet will need to be vacuumed weekly, and may need to be professionally cleaned once a year, but this will be cheaper and less time-consuming than the maintenance needed for hard flooring materials.


One of the main downsides of carpeting is that it can get stained. When people walk on it with dirty shoes and boots, dirt can get trapped inside the carpet fibers. As carpet gets dirty, it begins to look bad, and spills can also stain the carpet.

This is one of the reasons many business owners avoid putting it in their buildings, but with carpet tiles you will not have to worry about this as much. If you get a dirty stain on the floor, you can easily remove the tile that is stained. You can then replace it with a brand new tile, and the stain will instantly be gone.


Finally, you may find that installing carpet tile is an affordable option. According to Remodeling Expense, carpet tile costs between $3.43 to $5.38 per square foot. This includes the material and labor for the job. Because this flooring option is so easy to install, you could save money by doing the work yourself.

Vinyl flooring could be slightly cheaper than this, but other floor options are likely to cost a lot more than carpet tiles.

As you consider your options for the flooring in your building, you may find that carpet tiles offer the most benefits for you. If you are interested in seeing what colors and styles they come in, you can visit a flooring store in your area. Look at this web-site for more information.