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Get Outta Town! 4 Surprising Items For Your Bug-Out Bag

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Between 1998 and 2010, natural disasters affected over 26 million Americans. Of that number, 12,366 lives were lost.  From home fires and earthquakes to sinkholes and floods, the importance of preparing for disaster is easy to see. Fortunately, millions of people are prepping for natural, economic, or biblical disasters. If you are considering stocking up on supplies and building an emergency preparedness kit, a bug-out bag is imperative for your survival. While flashlights and batteries seem obvious, the following surprising items are incredibly beneficial in your bug-out bag.

Petroleum Jelly

Walking long distances can cause chafing inside your thigh and groin area. This excessive rubbing is not only painful, but can lead to swelling and intense irritation. Without lubricating the area, your legs and groin area may begin to swell and become infected. Each day, coat your thighs with petroleum jelly to prevent irritation. 

In colder temperatures, apply a layer of petroleum jelly to your lips, as well, to prevent chapping. While not life-threatening, chapped lips can be very uncomfortable. 

Petroleum jelly is an oil-based product that serves as an efficient fire starter. You can coat cotton balls with petroleum jelly and arrange in your campfire area. With a small spark from your lighter or a match, the cotton balls will instantly ignite and remain lit.

Solar Power

You may already have batteries on standby, but using the sun to charge devices is ideal when bugging out. Batteries do not last forever, but the sun will always shine. Pack a solar panel charging kit in your bug out bag for phones, radios, battery-powered generators, and even tablets.

Kits include a miniature solar panel, charging station, USB plug, and AC adaptor plug. While on the go, you can plug your devices into the station and utilize the sun to charge up battery life. With a solar charging kit, you will always have power. Plus, using the kit is a smarter alternative to carrying piles of heavy batteries. 

Visit PurelySolar for more information on devices you can power using portable solar energy kits.

Lemon Juice

When packing a survival bag, you most likely will include a first-aid kit containing bandages, antibiotic ointment, and a few different medications. Of course, a bottle of lemon juice can be extremely beneficial, as well. Here are some surprising uses for lemon juice:

  • Sanitizing Aid – Add a few drops of lemon juice to cuts, scrapes, or larger wounds. Lemon has antibacterial properties to fight infection and diseases including diphtheria, malaria, and typhoid. Use lemon on bug bites or poison ivy rashes, as well.
  • Bowel Regulation  – Drink a cup of warm water with a few drops of lemon juice each morning. This helps regulate your bowel movements.
  • Pain Reliever – Pain from kidney stones or gallstones can deter your survival. Drinking lemon juice will help dissolve these painful stones.
  • Flavor Enhancer – Survival food is not always appetizing, so add a few drops of lemon juice to enhance flavor during meals. While not imperative for survival, refreshing flavors can improve your mood.


A Frisbee may be one of the most surprising items that can help you during a disaster. However, its slim design is lightweight and easy to fit into a small area of your bag. Considering the following uses of a Frisbee, you will definitely want one in your bug out bag:

  • Water Collection – Place your Frisbee on the ground to collect rainfall. Or, use it to scoop water from a nearby stream. Be sure to use water purification tablets before drinking, of course.
  • Shovel – Use the Frisbee to dig up dirt, soil, or snow for your campfire or when building a shelter.
  • Paddle – The shape of your Frisbee is perfectly suited for paddling down the river or a creek.
  • Fan – On warmer days, fan yourself with the Frisbee. In addition, you can fan campfire smoke to signal distress.

Prepping for a possible disaster is not a fun task. However, without the proper tools, you are reducing your chances of survival. With a quality bug out bag full of essentials and these surprising items, you can bug out successfully.