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Clearance Furniture Essentials For Your Man Cave

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A man cave is a room set in a masculine environment, where a man and his buddies can relax and enjoy favorite pastimes. Your man cave should be designed with comfortable furniture that reflects your personality and interests. Furniture essentials for your man cave might include matching reclining chairs, a card table and entertainment center. These furniture styles are often sold at clearance prices, so click here to investigate or look for the reduced tag as you browse.

Recliner Seating Options

Depending upon the size of your room, your man cave seating may include one over-sized recliner and a few side chairs, or three or four comfy reclining chairs to accommodate your friends. The latter is a good choice for viewing movies or the big game on your wide screen TV. If your room dimensions allow it and you can afford it, opt for several recliners placed in theater style fashion. In any case, you have options for recliners, so here's what to consider:

  • Size: A chair with wide width, padded armrests and footrest will offer great comfort for TV viewing. Measure your allotted space before choosing your recliner(s) and leave adequate room for the recline area. Wall saving features are good for limited space.

  • Upholstery: Do you prefer fabric or leather? Would you like solid or patterns? Choose materials that are easy to care for, stain resistant and complement your existing decor.

    Microfiber is low maintenance and may be surface cleaned with a damp cloth. It's also absorbent, although it sometimes wrinkles after it dries. Full-grain leather offers a modern aesthetic appeal, but it does require more maintenance than most fabric.

  • Two position or multi-position recline: The two position allows you to sit upright or recline. A multi-position will offer at least three seating positions. This is great for napping.

  • Optional features and functionality: Look for options such as massage or massage with heat. Massage chairs are great for a hard-working guy's man cave. It offers a therapeutic way to unwind and relax after a strenuous work day.

Remember, you'll often find recliners on clearance, so be sure to ask for the clearance merchandise in-store. Recliners on clearance may save you a hundred dollars or more.

A Functional Card Table

An essential for any man cave is some type of card table. Here you and your buddies can play cards or enjoy some snacks and beer. To avoid the ordinary hum-drum card table, go with a theme.

Here's a modern idea: Have you seen the card table that is designed like a deck of cards? It's been seen at auctions and sports-themed accessory stores.

How about a card table that is designed to look like a pool table, complete with cup holders for the "side pockets"? Maybe a basketball-shaped card table or a race track table would suit you best, depending on your favorite sport. All of these designs are often placed on clearance at various times of year, or when closeouts are needed to make room for new inventory.

The Entertainment Center

This is where you'll house that big-screen high-definition television, surround sound audio system, music and movie collection and more. It needs to be functional, yet fit perfectly in your "cave". Before making your selection in the clearance aisle, consider the following:

  • Take inventory of your entertainment collection: Do you have video game consoles and games, as well as DVD collections? Will the entertainment unit accommodate all of these, plus have adequate space for your TV? If you have a large collection of movies and games, choose a cabinet with plenty of storage space and drawers.

  • Choose from simplistic design or an entire wall unit: If you're limited on space, you may find a basic design that holds the bare essentials most suitable. This would be a basic TV stand with a bottom shelf or storage cabinet. On the other hand, if one large wall needs to be covered, consider an entire-wall unit. This type of cabinet will include plenty of storage shelves for holding nick-knacks, trophies, memorabilia and more.

  • Consider a combination fireplace and entertainment center: This the ultimate in ambiance and luxury for your man cave. You might need to wait for that close-out or clearance special, but it may be worth your while. An entertainment fireplace features a stand for your audio and video equipment, combined with an electric fireplace.

Complete Your Man Cave With Masculine Art Decor

One final thought: While shopping for clearance furniture, don't overlook the need to furnish your walls. Many furniture stores will place artwork on sale from time to time. You might furnish your man cave with sports or movie-themed wall decor, neon pub signs, rustic art or a combination of all. It's your man cave, so you make the rules.