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3 Reasons To Have A Solid Surface Floor When You Have Children

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Different types of flooring each have their own benefits and disadvantages. Although carpeting is warm, soft, and sound-absorbing, it can also bring up compatibility issues when you have children in your home. Carpeting absorbs spilled liquids and foods making it hard to keep your floors clean, whereas tile, vinyl, and hardwood flooring are easy to clean. Here are three big reasons that hardwood floors are a popular commercial flooring installation and tile can make your job easier as a parent.

Potty Training

Every parent goes through the training period when their children learn to use the toilet. This time is an experience that makes many parents frustrated and also gives them a rush of success. Many times as a parent it seems as though your child may never learn how to use the potty. Other children grasp the concept quickly and easily, but there are always accidents along the way.

Your child has used a diaper to do their business in for as long as they have been alive, and now you are going to retrain them to poop and pee in the toilet. Resistance to this change is common and sometimes your child will pee in their pants and all over your floor. Better yet, they will go find a quiet corner to sit while they poop onto your floor. 

In any situation, if you have carpeting, your carpet is now going to need a cleaning. Get out your can of carpet cleaner or your carpet cleaning machine because you are going to need it when you have wall-to-wall carpet. 

If you have hard wood flooring, tile, or another solid surface floor, cleaning up any pee-pee or poo-poo from your child's accident is as simple as using a wet rag. A solid surface floor is also going to be easier to sanitize each time something falls onto it, out of your child's rear end. Both tile and hardwood flooring are waterproof and are quick to dry once the potty mess is cleaned up.


Most children love having pets. As a parent you have probably been begged and pleaded with, by your child, to buy them a pet. Pets are a good way to teach your child responsibility. Indoor dogs and cats have also been shown to help your baby's immune system, making your child healthier. For these reasons you are better off replacing any carpeting in your home with a solid surface floor and getting a family pet. 

Pets in your home tend to eat things they are not supposed to, then they will throw up on your floor. If your floor has carpeting, it can be difficult to remove the stain and the smell. 

Puppies are known for pooping and peeing all over your floors until they have been house-trained. As with any person or animal who is being potty trained, a solid surface floor is the best for cleaning up accidents.

Indoor pets who come and go through a pet door will track in mud, and other outdoor debris. Hard surface floors makes cleaning up tracked-in mud and dirt simple.

Stomach Flu

The stomach flu is a common ailment in children as well as adults. Children tend to show symptoms of diarrhea and nausea for a few days. When your young child is nauseous it may be hard for them to tell you when they are going to puke all over the place. This results in throw up all over your floor. Many parents have walked into their sick child's room at night only to step in a bed-side pile of vomit.

If you have carpeting, it can be a nightmare trying to get up all the smell from the incident. A solid surface floor is easy to clean puke and diarrhea from its surface, sterilizing it to kill any virus germs.

Keeping your home clean is important, especially when you are raising kids. Having the right type of flooring can make your life much easier for cleaning soiled floors.