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4 Dangerous Contaminants Removed By Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

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Despite precautions at water treatment plants, contaminants still work their way into tap water on occasion. When this happens, you might be at risk of developing a serious illness upon directly contacting or consuming the water. Although officials recommend a boil order upon discovering the contamination, you may have already consumed the tainted water by that time. You can give yourself an extra layer of protection against harmful contaminants by installing an ultraviolet water purification system in your home. Here are four toxins wiped out by this type of water purifier.

E. Coli

The majority of E. coli strains are completely harmless. In fact, many live inside your body right now without causing any symptoms at all. E. coli strains, harmful and not, also thrive in the bodies of animals, livestock in particular.

If farm animal feces containing the harmful bacteria work their way into the groundwater, containments could eventually flow through the taps. This often happens after a main water line is replaced, which allows dirt teeming with the bacteria to enter the system. Luckily, the ultraviolet light on a specialized purification system can kill these bacteria well before the water flows out of your taps. Otherwise, you would experience stomach pain, nausea and bloody diarrhea after consuming E. coli bacteria in the water.

Brain-Eating Amoeba

Amoebas naturally exist in bodies of warm freshwater, like small lakes and ponds. Occasionally, these critters flow into the water supply through the groundwater. Most of these amoeba variants do not cause any damage upon entering your body cavities.

One type, dubbed the brain-eating amoeba, can cause serious symptoms and even death, however. This contaminant only causes harm upon entering your nasal cavity and making its way to your brain. This can happen while taking a shower, lounging in a bath or using tap water in a sinus clearing system. Therefore, it is smart to have your ultraviolet water purification system hooked to all of the taps throughout your home.

Algae Bloom

Dangerous algae blooms in bodies of water are spurred by natural fertilizer, or feces, contamination from nearby farms. The algae are usually contained to that single body of water in most cases. However, it is possible for the blooms to invade the public water supply through the groundwater. If this happens, officials may require everyone to deactivate their taps and use bottled water for drinking, cooking and bathing. This ban may extend for several days.

If you have an ultraviolet purification system, you can pull algae out of your water, making it safe to use and consume. Direct contact and consumption of the algae blooms often results in irritation of the skin and digestive tract, so it is important to remove this toxin before water flows out of the taps.

Legionella Pneumophila

A particularly dangerous bacterium, called Legionella Pneumophila, consistently invades tap water systems all throughout the country. Scientists discovered that nearly 70% of all tested tap water samples contain traces of this bacteria's DNA.

The presence of this bacterium in tap water causes severe symptoms of pneumonia in thousands of people each year. Immune compromised individuals could end up hospitalized or pass away due to the serious symptoms caused by Legionella.

Direct exposure that causes sickness occurs when the bacteria is inhaled in steam from water used for bathing or cleaning. To prevent exposure, you must have an ultraviolet purification system hooked to all of the taps throughout your house.

Install Protective Systems

Unfortunately, the presence of bacteria in your water lines opens the door for more colonies to catch hold there. As a result, you cannot simply boil water during the warning period and hope the problem goes away for good. The best way to protect yourself is by installing and maintaining an ultraviolet water purification system. This system will give you peace of mind, no matter what toxins are infiltrating the public water supply.