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Choosing A Lawn Hammock: What To Consider

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A hammock can provide you with a comfortable place to lounge outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Many different home goods, lawn and garden, and furniture stores sell hammocks, so there's no shortage of options out there. In a way, though, this can make it hard to shop. What features do you consider when choosing a lawn hammock? Here are a few key ones to focus on.


There are two key materials used to make hammocks. The first is rope, which can be tied and strung together in knots. The second is fabric. If you've laid in hammocks before, then you may already know which one you prefer. If you have not laid in a hammock before, it is a good idea to try out both options and see which you find more comfortable. It's largely a matter of preference. Some people like the minimalism of the ropes, while others find that fabric gives them a more stable base.

Weight Limit

Each hammock has a weight limit. This comes not so much from the material, but from the supportive base of the hammock. Those made with steel bases can support more weight than those made from wood or composite. Check the weight limit of each hammock you're considering, and choose one with a weight limit that gives you some extra pounds to work with—just for good measure.

Base Construction

Most hammocks come on collapsible bases. In other words, you can take the base apart into several pieces, making it easier to store and carry. Look at how each hammock disassembles. How large are the pieces? Can you carry them comfortably? Will they fit into the storage area you've designated for the hammock when it's not in use?

Spreader Bars

Some hammocks have what are known as spreader bars. These spread out each end of the hammock, meaning that they create a wider, flatter surface for you to lounge on. Other hammocks do not have spreader bars. Instead, the ends of the hammock are gathered together, and the hammock curls around you more. Some people find hammocks without spreader bars more relaxing, but the hammock does sag more with this setup, which can be hard on some people's backs.

If you consider the features above when selecting a hammock, you will have an easier time choosing one that's right for you. There should be plenty of options out there for you to consider, including MAJOR COLLECTABLES.