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How A Residential Roofer Checks Your Roof For Lost Granules And Deals With The Problem

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If you own your home for several years, you'll probably need the services of a residential roofer at some point. You might need repairs after storm damage or your roof could need to be replaced due to old age. One of the things that determine if you need a roof replacement is the granules on the roof. Here's how a residential roofer assesses the condition of the granules and what they might do about missing granules.

Examine Your Roof

Your roofer will probably climb on your roof to inspect the shingles closely. They look for shingle damage and they also check the number of granules attached to the shingles. Granules are important on an asphalt shingle roof since they protect the shingles from sun damage. Since granules wear off gradually, they can show the age of your roof.

If most of the granules are gone, that indicates your roof is old and in need of replacement. Plus, without the protection of granules, your shingle will age faster. In some cases, your roofer may find granules missing in an isolated area. This might be from tree branches scraping the roof or from storm, animal, or bird damage. The roofer may want to replace or repair the shingles with missing granules so they don't start leaking.

Offer A Cost Quote For Replacement Or Repair

If your roofer finds problems with your roof or the granules during an inspection, the next step is to give you a quote for the repairs. If you have the inspection done during the busy time for residential roofers, it may be a few weeks before you can get a roof replacement scheduled. Minor repairs might be completed much sooner.

Make Repairs To The Shingles

If most of your roof is in good shape, but a few shingles have missing granules, the roofer may replace the bad shingles with new ones. They can also add granules to the old shingles, but if the shingles have sun damage, it's better to replace them so they don't start leaking.

The roofer may also identify what caused the problem in an isolated area so you can have the problem taken care of. You may need tree branches trimmed or pest control services to keep birds and raccoons off of your roof.

Replace Your Roof

If your shingles are almost bare because so many granules have worn away, it's probably time for a new roof. Your roofer may recommend having the new roof put on as soon as you can so rain doesn't leak and start rotting the roof deck. You can get a new roof any time as long as the outdoor temperatures aren't too cold for residential roofers to work.