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Backyard Mosquito Control: Frequently Asked Questions

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, there are approximately 200 different varieties of mosquitos. Of these 200 varieties, there are 12 types that can spread potentially deadly illnesses, including the Zika virus. If you are tired of spending your evenings swatting away mosquitoes, having your backyard treated by a professional is a great option. Here are a few frequently asked questions you might have about backyard mosquito treatments. 

Where Will You Apply the Mosquito Treatment?

Many mistakenly believe that the mosquito treatment is solely applied to grass. However, this technique is only used to control other types of insects and pests, such as ticks. Mosquito treatments are applied to areas where mosquitoes typically gather, including under the leaves of trees, on very tall grass on the property, under your backyard deck, or on shrubs.

The application of the pesticide barrier treatment is dependent upon several factors. For example, the weather must be right. There cannot be any rain or high winds in the forecast that day, or the treatment will not be effective.

How Does the Treatment Kill Mosquitoes?

After the treatment is sprayed onto the targeted areas, it will dry very quickly. When the mosquitoes land on the treated shrubs, leaves, or the area under your deck, they pick up the residue of the pesticide treatment and eventually die. Often, because this type of treatment only kills adult mosquitoes, it will need to be reapplied every few weeks to ensure that it continues to kill the mosquitoes who hatch from larvae.

In addition to the spray treatment, if you continue to have issues with mosquitoes throughout the summer, the pest control agent may recommend eliminating any standing water on your property. Any water that cannot be eliminated, such as from a small pond or water feature, the agent might recommend adding a liquid larvicide to the water.

Is the Treatment Safe for My Pets?

Finally, one major concern you might have is about the application of chemicals and the safety of your pets. While the barrier treatment pesticide is being sprayed on your property, it is best to either leave your home or stay inside. Luckily, once the treatment is completely dry, which takes only a matter of minutes, you and your pets will be able to once again enjoy your backyard without the fear of getting sick.

If you are tired of dealing with mosquitoes in your backyard, a professional pest control agent can apply a safe and effective barrier treatment that can help get rid of mosquitoes for several weeks.

Reach out to an insect control company to learn more.