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2 Types Of Glass And How To Use Them In Your Home

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It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that one piece of glass is just like another. To the untrained eye, one glass window pane, counter top, or shower door may look just like another. But how that glass is strengthened and treated after it’s manufactured and before you install it in your home can make a big difference, no matter where you’re installing the glass. Different types of glass can affect your safety, your security, and your comfort in different ways. Read More»

7 Tips To Boost The Burn Time Of Your Scented Jar Candles

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Candles add the perfect finishing touch to your home’s d├ęcor and their pleasant array of fragrances emits alluring scents into the air. According to the National Candle Association, candles are used in 7 out of 10 households in the United States, with votives, pillars and container candles being the most popular with U.S. consumers. Knowing how to use and care for your scented jar candles can actually increase their burn time and keep the candles looking their best. Read More»

Surprise Guests: 5 Unintentional Invitations For Pests

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Pests are a common problem for many people, and once the problem is established, it can be difficult to control. There are several factors inside your home that can contribute to a pest problem, or exacerbate current problems. Eliminate Leaks Many types of pests, such as cockroaches, are often found in moist areas of the home. Small leaks throughout your home are the perfect environment for a pest to access water. Read More»

How To Recognize Common Oven & Stove Problems

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Purchasing a new appliance is a large investment that usually comes with planning and money saving. When an oven, stove, or range breaks down, often our first thought is to seek a new appliance. Instead of purchasing a brand new oven, major appliance repairs and service can help keep your oven operational. Recognizing the problems with your stove or oven will help decide whether to call for repair help or not. Read More»

3 Ways To Save Money At The Furniture Store

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People love to spruce up their homes, which is probably why Americans bought nearly 50 billion dollars worth of home furnishings in 2013. When you arrive at the home furniture store, it can be easy to be bombarded with choices and salespeople, which can make it hard to score a great deal on your new items. Here are three ways that you might be able to save a little bit of cash the next time you shop for new furniture. Read More»

Go To The Spa At Home: Four Tips For Creating Your Own Pampered Paradise

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You shouldn’t have to go to a spa to enjoy a relaxing steam shower or a luxurious soak in a garden tub. Outfitting your home bath with a few high-end conveniences like massage jets, a sauna, or a whirlpool tub can elevate the art of relaxation to a new, never-before-experienced level. Toss in an attractive shower enclosure and some floor-to-ceiling tile, and you’ll never want to leave home again. Here are a few tips to creating this desired ambiance:  Read More»

Why Your Top-Loading Washer Doesn't Drain And How It Can Be Fixed

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Has your top loading washing machine suddenly stopped draining properly? If so, you may need to unclog a blocked hose or replace a faulty pump or impeller. Before you can make the repair or replacement, a repairman may need to troubleshoot to determine if this is the problem. In some cases, the problem may easily be solved by some minor adjustments. Before You Call for Service Sometimes, a very heavy or bulky item causes the washer to become overloaded and “ Read More»

6 Types Of Plants That Naturally Control Garden Weeds

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If you’re like most homeowners, you want your garden to be as maintenance-free as possible. But despite your mulching, plucking, and spraying efforts, pesky weeds keep returning to rob your garden of precious nutrients. If ever persistent lamb’s quarters and chickweeds have worn out their welcome, the following plants can keep them from coming back. Crowd weeds out with ornamental grasses. Once established, grass species grow a dense, tangled root system that prevents weeds from taking hold. Read More»

Insulated Glass Units: What Are They And How Can They Improve My Home?

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When it comes to choosing new windows for your home, you have a huge variety of different types of glass that you can have in your windows to choose from. Window glass is not all the same, and there are different benefits for different types of glass. One type of glass that is becoming more and more popular for home use is insulated glass, often times called insulated glass units. Insulated glass units differ a bit from standard glass, and have many added benefits. Read More»